Gear Review: Abu Garcia Revo Rocket SP


Abu Garcia Revo Rocket SP


A blistering-fast 7.6:1 gear ratio with up to 43 inches of retrieve for each turn of the handle (Size 30 model). Why would you need that, you might ask? First, let’s go over what makes the new Revo Rocket SP stand out. 

A one-piece aluminum, asymmetrical X-Craftic body design makes the reel more compact and incredibly lighter in weight, even without sacrificing strength and torque under load. Weights are 7.3, 7.6 or 7.8 ounces for the available 20, 30 or 40 model sizes, respectively. Don’t let the small size fool you into thinking it skimps on strength, torque and drag power. 

The Rocket features a new gear system that is 17% larger than the previous generation, allowing for extra gear strength and the ability to create the extreme gear ratio. A 9+1 bearing system and Friction Free Main Shaft combine for smoother running on casts and retrieves. 


Add it all up and you have the ideal package for both finesse and power fishing in a spinning reel. When fishing finesse baits over large flats or elongated points, long casts are usually necessary to reach the strike zone. The Rocket enables you to quickly recover line after leaving that zone to reload and make another cast. The same goes for drop shotting in deep water. The Rocket is also ideal with a full-speed smallmouth on the line; it can’t outrun this reel, resulting in fewer lost fish. 


From $209.95



I reviewed the Revo Rocket 30, the middle model of the three reels. Before now, I never considered the benefit of a high gear ratio spinning reel, since after all (or so I thought), fast retrieves were more aligned with casting gear. 

The Rocket showed me all the reasons why it’s now in my regular daily rotation. Putting it through the paces, early on I recognized the harmonious balance of speed and torque delivered by the oversized gearing system. 

I live in middle Tennessee, and we’ve got fairly decent smallmouth fishing in these parts. In testing it out, I never once got outrun by a smallmouth coming at the boat, or any other angle that leaves me trying to crank fast enough to avoid losing the fish. 

I also experienced the advantages and benefits of maximizing baits in a strike zone requiring long casts. When the bait leaves that zone, the faster line recovery time does indeed make a difference in launching the next cast far out to a distant flat or long point. 

I can also see the Rocket as my go-to for dock skipping, allowing me to cover more water by running the trolling motor on a higher speed. Think about that. Burning baits along shoreline cover or docks with a spinning reel is now more efficient and doable. And with the complete package of compact size, lighter weight and strong drag system, you can get those stubborn fish out and away from the dock, faster, to prevent a valuable lost fish. 

Overall, I see this reel ideal for finesse and power fishing. Above all else, it has all of the rugged, reliable and features I’ve come to respect in the Revo lineup.