Gear Review: 2023 Daiwa Tatula 100


2023 Daiwa Tatula 100 


The new Tatula 100 takes what was already the lightest, most fatigue-free baitcasting reel in Daiwa’s lineup to another tier by adding Daiwa’s HYPERDRIVE SYSTEM and featherweight A7075 Spool – the lighter spool greatly bolstering casting distance. HYPERDRIVE increases gear touches and reduces noise in the HYPERDRIVE DIGIGEAR configuration to improve power and facilitate smoother operation. 

Another standout feature is the T-Wing System (TWS), which naturally guides the line on cast and retrieval with the least resistance. Casts are longer and more accurate, even when fishing in the wind. 

Inclusions continue with a comfortable 90 mm Swept Handle, Zero Adjuster ideally set for casting control and distance, and Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD), which yields stopping power using carbon washers, alloy and stainless-steel drag plates with specially designed grease for extra smooth performance. Available with seven +1 bearings and three gear ratios (6.3:1, 7.1:1, 8.1:1.) with a weight of only 6.9 ounces. 

Here’s all the technical details you need to know. 


  • Ultra-smooth retrieve with powerful winding performance
  • Four different technologies: HYPER Tough Clutch, Hyper Armed Housing, HYPER Double Support, HYPERDRIVE DIGIGEAR.

HYPER Double Support

  • Two-bearing support system for the pinon gear means no side-to-side movement flex, providing longer gear life, and more direct transfer of power for an ultra-smooth retrieve/gear rotation. 

HYPER Tough Clutch

  • Redesigned and reinforced clutch mechanism increases durability, performance and confident feel to the angler. 


  • Newly engineered gear design makes the teeth of the gears more efficient at transferring power, therefore making the gear set feel smoother and more powerful while reducing gear noise and wear.

HYPER Armed Housing

  • Metal frame and sideplate for maximum rigidity and precision performance of all internal components. 

T-Wing System

  • Addresses the issue of traditional line guide/level wind systems constricting line flow by delivering a T-shaped line guide that is larger, wider and less restrictive. 

Ultimate Tournament Drag

  • Combines ultra-smooth low inertia with ultimate fish stopping power. Combines advanced carbon washers, alloy and stainless steel drag plates with specifically designed grease for ultra-smooth performance.


Two standout attributes: the smallest and lightest reel in the Tatula series. The most comfortable and palmable reel might just be the lightest, most fatigue-free reel Daiwa has ever made, making it ideal for junior anglers and anglers with smaller hands. For the more experienced, you’ll get more lure control and greater casting distances on light line with today’s increasing lineup of downsized lures from their full-sized counterparts. Your finesse game just got a new player with this latest iteration of the Tatula 100. 





The new Tatula 100 adds a new dimension to light-line, finesse-lure tactics. That is, you no longer need to use a spinning reel for those applications. Nothing against spinning reels, but there are times when you are finesse fishing a downsized hard bait or soft plastic finesse rig and need the power and performance of a baitcaster. You get both in this perfect package. 

I paired my Tatula 100 with the also new Daiwa Tatula Elite AGS Rod. Read my review here. With the lightest of baits, I have total control I didn’t have before, and specifically for making pinpoint casts around docks and other targets. My large hands made me a bit skeptical of the fit, but I found my hand felt like one with the rod and reel for all day comfort and even better casting and lure presentations. 

Guys, this is also the ideal reel for your lady angler, or your son or daughter fishing the high school or even college ranks of our Bassmaster Series leagues. And take note of the price. You get full-featured Daiwa features in a downsized package, which is why I included the techno terms and details so you can see just how much you get in this reel.