Lintner's swim jig savvy

The thing about swim jigs is that they’re a good fit for a variety of scenarios. Jared Lintner’s clear on this, and the Elite pro won’t hesitate to use this presentation for everything from shallow laydowns to deeper outside grass lines.

What he will not do is use the same hook and bait combination across the board.

Hold on, you say? Switching trailers is common, but why does he change hooks on a swim jig?

That’s where Lintner’s rigging creativity shines. See, the California pro bypasses the popular fixed lead head/hook package in favor of a customizable rig based on the Freedom Tackle’s Stealth Hybrid Jig.

Comprising a conical head complete with 3D eyes, the Stealth features a forward line tie and a wide gap hook attached to an interchangeable coil tucked inside the head’s sonic brass echo chamber.

The benefits

Ready to fish out of the package, this basic package gives Lintner all the flexibility he needs to vary his bait’s every feature — starting with hook choice.

“A traditional swim jig has an exposed hook, but the way that I rig this is 100-percent weedless,” Lintner said. “If you’re pitching a standard swim jig into standing timber or bombing it back into tule pockets, that open hook will snag.”