The dependable buzzbait

You would think that today’s pressured bass would have learned long ago to avoid anything as obnoxious as a buzzbait. But this noisy, sputtering lure continues to dupe bass year after year and decade after decade. Indiana Bassmaster Elite Series pro Bill Lowen is often perplexed as to why bass are suckers for it.

“Every single time I catch a bass on a buzzbait, I wonder why they eat it,” Lowen said. “I guess it’s like a mosquito flying over your head. Eventually you’re going to swat at it.”

Bass have been swatting at his buzzbaits since he was a youngster. He starts throwing one in springtime when the water warms to about 54 degrees, which is earlier than most anglers tie on a buzzbait.

“I don’t get a lot of bites on it then, but when I get one it’s usually a good fish,” he said.

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