Rivet’s monumental Championship Sunday

Tyler Rivet was sitting in third place when he left the launch on Championship Sunday of the 2023 SiteOne Bassmaster Elite at Lake Okeechobee, and he ran straight to one of the Kissimmee River outflow canals that has produced much of his three-day weight of 68-2.
He wasted no time getting his hard-plastic jerkbait in the water.
His first bite came within minutes …
.. and it was a good one.
Rivet’s fish drove him to distraction all week, doing heartbreaking acrobatic jumps.
But soon the young Louisiana pro had the bass in hand …
… and over the gunnel.
The celebration began with Rivet holding up the chunky bass …
… and continued with a double-gun salute after the bass was tucked into the livewell.
Celebration done, Rivet pulled out the bass and weighed it — it weighed 6-7.
Rivet got back to work with a smile on his face. “They’re going to eat today,” he said.
Sure enough, another bass quickly ate his jerkbait.
This wasn’t the hefty bass he wanted …
… but it made the livewell. “I’m going to put a cull tag on that one,” Rivet said.
Forward-facing sonar continued to be an important part of Rivet’s pattern, with casts frequently made while Rivet’s eyes remained glued on the screen.
Rivet’s primary spot needed a rest, so Rivet fished down the banks and the early morning bite continued.
Another 2-pounder was swumg into the boat.
Rivet turned to a swim jig that was skipped into the cover along the river’s bank.
After a brief lull, a little better bass slammed his lure mere feet from his boat.
A 3-pounder was scooped into the boat.
Another bass followed.
This 3-pounder was celebrated.
And then the bite just died for hours. It was so dead buzzards were circling.
Rivet headed for the river’s lock and said there were fish around a riprap point.
And one of those bass finally slurped his jerkbait.
While not a giant, the bass culled a 1-pounder.