Davis’ November tacklebox

With the cooler weather coming in the fall along with the bass transitioning to their winter holes, November can be one of the most challenging times of the year to catch bass in the Southeast. Even so, Will Davis Jr. has a great track record of success in the month of November so we caught up with him to see what he throws this time of year.
In fact, Davis Jr. kickstarted his Bassmaster Elite Series career in November when he won the 2022 TNT Fireworks B.A.S.S. Nation Championship on Pickwick Lake.
Fast forward a year later and we’re asking him to build a tacklebox for the month of November…
…which consists of his five favorite lures to throw for southern bass during the fall.
See the Bassmaster Elite Series pro and Elite Series champion explain why anglers need these five baits as he fills this empty tacklebox with his favorite November lures.
Davis Bait Company Screaming Eagle Series Spinnerbait (Peacock)
“This here is the 1/2-ounce with a gold colorado blade with a No. 5 willow blade.”
“This bait is great for fishing in the fall, what really sets this bait apart from anything is the skirt color and the wire,” said the Elite Series champion. “The skirt is our peacock color that has chartruese mixed in with blue and green glimmer and a little bit of pink. Spotted bass, especially, will eat this thing up. The wire that is in this bait helps it run so true, and that’s what you want out of a spinnerbait when you’re burning it in the fall.”
Davis Bait Company Shaky Fish
Davis Jr. opts for the 1/2-ounce model during the fall when fishing around schooling fish and pairs it with a Davis Shaky Minnow.
“This is a great bait to throw around schooling, current-related or suspended fish. In the fall, fish love to group up under shad pods and roam,” said the Elite Series pro. “Before forward-facing sonar came out, I strictly fished for fish that were schooling or that were current oriented with this bait. Now with forward-facing sonar I can target schools of fish that roam on flats and off of ledges that are setting up to feed with this little bite getter.”
Spro Bronzeye Poppin’ Frog 60 (Killer Gill)
When fishing around grass in the fall, Davis looks no further than a frog for success.
“This particular color isn’t too white but has a shad type body which I like, but also has that bluegill look so you can kill two birds with one stone,” said Davis Jr. “You can imitate both forages around grass mats and grass lines and of course have that pop with this poppin’ frog. I am serious when I say they will eat this joker in the fall.”
Davis Bait Company Fishco
This particular bait dives between 2 to 4 feet.
“What is so special about this bait is that it’s made out of balsa wood so you can fish it super shallow, and it has a perfect quiver for finicky fish around ditches, laydowns and any type of cover I can deflect it off of. It’s great for pressured fish.”
Davis Bait Company Little Will Shaky Head (Green Pumpkin)
The Elite Series pro looks for the 3/16-ounce Shaky Head paired with Davis Bait Company original Shaky Worm in Green Pumpkin when the going gets tough in tournament situation or when he is just out fun fishing.
“The 3/16-ounce is probably my favorite size, you can get about any depth range with it,” said Davis Jr. “What’s so great about this bait is the big keeper it has on it so it doesn’t rip the worm off the jighead and your hookup ratio is greatly higher than traditional shaky heads.”
The completed November tacklebox by Will Davis Jr.
And one more shot of the five baits that gets it done for Davis Jr. in the month of November.