Gallant’s favorite soft plastics

Bassmaster Elite Series rookie Cooper Gallant already has a St. Croix Bassmaster Opens win and an appearance in the Bassmaster Classic. 
The Canadian is also a skilled multispecies angler back home, with soft plastic baits ranking high on his favored lures.
“All the rigs here are chosen to demonstrate the versatility of X Zone Lures,” Gallant said. “The Swammer can be used on a swim jig, ball head jig and a buzzbait trailer, and the same is true for the other baits and rigs.” 
Versatility is a good thing, these days. You can fish the same model on different rigs, giving you different actions for finnicky, pressured fish.
X Zone Deception Worm, 6-inch, Green Pumpkin Black Flake
Gallant rigs it on a 3/8-ounce shaky head jig. “The floating properties of this worm is key,” said Gallant. “You want worm tail floating horizontally in the water column when on a shaky head, to trigger reaction strikes.” 
The Deception’s versatility also stands out. Rig it on a wacky rig, Neko rig or drop shot. 
X Zone Adrenaline Bug Junior, 3.5 inches, Ghost Shad
Gallant rigs it on a 3/8-ounce buzzbait, noting the Adrenaline Bug is a beaver/creature style bait that is also ideal for flipping, pitching and punching. “The Junior has a smaller profile that prevents drag on a buzzbait, making it run straight and true,” he said, again with a nod to the bait’s overall versatility. 
“It adds a wobbling action, with the ribs putting off more vibration in the water,” he said. “Together those qualities enhance the action of a buzzbait.” 
X Zone Lures Muscle Back Finesse Craw, 3.25 inches, Black Blue Flake
“You get the ultimate match for a jig with this craw’s action that completes the entire jig-trailer package,” Gallant said. The benefits are realistic mimicry of a craw that hops, swims and undulates, complete with a unique sonic signature and vibration. 
“The claws float, and this is a must when fishing on a jig trailer for the lifelike action you want,” Gallant said. Soft, realistic, textured claws are ribbed on both sides, with cupped outer edges that taper down to join the body. When at rest, the claws float to mimic the defensive posture of a real crawfish. 
X Zone Lures Muscle Back Finesse Craw, 3.25 inches, Black Blue Flake
As another nod to versatility, Gallant Texas rigs it on a 4/0 BKK Heavy Cover Hook, with a 3/8-ounce tungsten weight and with a bobber stop.
“I like the smaller profile for bedding bass, and it’s perfect when you want a more subtle presentation,” Gallant said. 
X Zone Pro Series Swammer, 4 inches, Ghost Shad
Gallant rigs it as a trailer on an Outkast Tackle Pro Swim Jig. He favors the Swammer for its rib design, soft curved ribbed sides and unique three-dimensional paddle tail, with the keel-shaped body creating a sonic vibration that also makes it run true with a swimbait. 
“I like the Swammer when conditions call for a deeper-running swim jig,” Gallant said. “The Swammer has a perfect wobble and wide rolls that actually enhance the action of a swim jig, making it stand out from others when that tactic is in play.” 
X Zone Deception Worm, 6-inch, Green Pumpkin Black Flake
Gallant rigs it on a drop shot. 
“The floating tail keeps it horizontal, which is key for triggering bites.”