Championship Sunday takes off

Gerald Swindle makes a few last minute preparations for Championship Sunday.
Fans of all ages come out to cheer the Top 10 on.
Leader Lee Livesay shows Bassmaster cameraman Jake Latendresse a secret bait.
But he doesn't want anyone else seeing.
Livesay heads out in first on the final day here, with Brandon Palaniuk less than 4 pounds behind.
Palaniuk is pretty laid back about it, even though he knows he'll likely need the biggest bag of his Elite Series career to make a run at the win here today. That's not to say it won't happen, since he accomplished that very same feat here on Day 2 with 30 pounds, 1 ounce. Might as well do it again.
Bassmaster photographer Seigo Saito fires away.
Palaniuk takes a minute to sign a lure for a fan.
It's hard to snipe a sniper.
Derek Hudnall talks his game plan over.
One of the Bassmaster LIVE cameramen makes his way to the boat.
He has a back brace in one hand ...
... and a camera in the other. It's been rough here this week on Fork. Then wind seems to have died down a little this morning, but that's likely only because we're in a protected cove.
Gerald Swindle starts the day in third. One of three anglers with a serious shot at winning today.
All of Texas has their eyes on the home-town hero though, hoping Texas native Lee Livesay can go back-to-back.
Shane LeHew gets mic'd up.
LeHew and Stracner talk things over.
While a Bassmaster LIVE cameraman catches the convo from a distance.
It's rather chilly here this morning, with air temps in the 60s after having been in the 90s most of the week.
A few last minute tweaks to the camera gear to make sure everything is in focus.
Bassmaseter emcee Dave Mercer interviews Hudnall.
Livesay knows he's got a chance to do something special here today.
And he's represented his home state well so far this week.
Chris Johnston chats with Mercer.
Swindle chats it up.
Stracner is ready to go.
Bryan New starts the day in fourth.
Fans line the shore.
Bassmaster cameraman Wes Miller readies the drone.
And sends it up to get the aerial shot.
Fans film things for themselves.
Let the trash talking begin.
As Swindle and Palaniuk fire a little friendly banter back and forth.
Latendresse is licking his chops. The cameramen are just as competitive as the anglers, all hoping to finish the event with the winner and help tell the story.
Livesay gives one last interview before heading out on the water.
Time to make Texas proud.
The wind is picking back up and has changed directions here this morning from what we've seen so far this week. This will definitely affect the bite for some of the anglers who have been fishing water protected from the wind so far.
Swindle and Palaniuk are about ready to get on out there and get going.
Livesay's father, family, friends and fans are here to root their guy on.
Swindle opens the day in prayer.
Then it's time for the anthem.
The three anglers with the best chance to win today.
Palaniuk starts one spot off the lead.
Livesay is in control for now, but with less than a 4-pound cushion on Palaniuk he'll still likely need 25-plus to finish the deal.
Swindle will most likely need a massive day, 30-plus. But it's definitely doable here.
Mercer prepares to send them out.
One last stretch for Palaniuk.
Livesay is all stretched out, looking to stretch his line now.
Livesay heads out.
Palaniuk is right behind him.
Swindle is now on his way.
Bryan New idles out.
Stracner on his way.
Shane LeHew idles out.
Marc Frazier starts the day in seventh.
Chris Johnston on his way out.
Bill Lowen starts the day in ninth.
And Hudnall rounds out the top 10 to start the day. Time to see who can get it done. Be sure to tune in to see all the LIVE coverage on Bassmaster.com and FS1.