Winans: “Everything went my way” 

Perspective. That’s 99% of the secret to this life we all live. Contentment and an attitude of gratitude are hard to come by, and even harder to keep hold of. 

Texas angler Brady Winans just shared his story on Bassmaster LIVE… from a wheelchair. A gut-wrenching story about how he was thrown from a bass boat as it careened into the dam of a lake he and his tournament partner were fishing. The wreck was a result of running into a fog bank. 

As Brady told his story of multiple broken bones, a broken back and how his body broke the trolling motor off the front of the boat on his way out, he said something unbelievable.

“Everything went my way.” 

Wow. Brady didn’t complain. He didn’t blame his buddy that was driving the boat. He didn’t say, “Woe is me.” 
I likely would have. Most of us likely would have. 

But not Brady, he counted his blessings. He stated that he’s thankful to still be here and is aware of just how easily things could have gone just a little more wrong and he’d no longer be with us.

If you’d like more on Brady Winans’s story, search for the hashtag #BuildBackBrady on social media.