Schlapper struggling so far on Championship Sunday

“Not good.”

Those were the words Pat Schlapper used to describe his morning so far. The tournament leader entering the day has landed a small limit.

He is seeing bigger bass on his forward-facing sonar, but so far he can’t coax any of them into biting his lure.

There is some optimism though. As the wind has picked up across the lake, Schlapper has gotten more of the smaller bass to commit and he hopes the bigger ones will eventually bite.

Schlapper’s biggest bag of the week, 28-5 on Day 2, mostly came during the afternoon hours, and he has made several important culls each day with less than two hours to go in the fish day.

There is far less pressure in the area he’s fishing as well, with only Luke Palmer and two local boats in the area currently.

There is plenty of time for the Wisconsin pro to make something happen.