Livesay losing ’em

Despite Livesay’s slow start yesterday, and the certified grade-A hammers of Brandon Palaniuk and Gerald Swindle that are hot on his heels, it just seemed like this one was Livesay’s to lose as the sun went down on day 3. The guy just has a swagger about him that makes it hard to envision him not closing this deal out. 

But halfway through the morning here on Championship Sunday, Livesay is looking quite beatable. Both Palaniuk and Swindle have had a slow start to the day as well. But Livesay has left the door wide open, having lost three fish back-to-back-to-back in the last few minutes. To his credit, he’s shaking it off well, and not having the total meltdown most any other angler would in his position. 

None of the fish he’s lost have been really big ones, but without a limit in the boat yet, they’ve all been big in the grand scheme of things. Here on the final day, every ounce gets Livesay closer and closer to closing this thing out. So the 3- pounders he’d hardly give a second glance on days one through three, he’d be quite willing to kiss if he could just get five of them in the boat. 

Then he could settle down and fish for those big bites he really wants, those 6- to 8- pounders, the ones he’ll likely still need to finish this thing out.