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“Cut ice cream” for Team Palaniuk, 1928 miles apart

Anytime Elite Series Pro Brandon Palaniuk makes the cut to fish on Day 3, he, his wife Tiffanie, cameraman Kyle and whoever else is around to celebrate go and get them some “Cut ice cream”. This week, the tradition continued as Brandon glided easily into Day 3 in second place.

But for the first time in 8- and 1/2- years, Tiffanie isn’t here with Brandon to celebrate in person. She’s back home in Rathdrum, Idaho excepting their first child in just 8 days. But she still got her cut ice cream 1928 miles away and is here in spirit for sure.

“First tournament I’ve missed since August of 2013 when I started traveling full-time,” said Tiffanie when we checked in with her midway through Championship Sunday.

Tiffanie does A LOT for Team Palaniuk at each event. She drives, cooks, does laundry and much, much more. Basically holds the whole thing together around the base camp while Brandon and cameraman Kyle are out working on the water every day.

“I was worried about Brandon being thrown off his routine this week but… he proved me wrong there,” Tiffanie said with a laugh.

No doubt though, the boys are missing “Tiff” and Brandon would love to have her here this week. And surely Tiffanie would love to be here as well.

But there’s a baby on the way, and the duo believed it best for soon-to-be mama to stay home in Idaho, close to their midwife and birthing team.

Tiffanie is watching Bassmaster LIVE closely though, and is, “Super thankful for a top ten and a shot at another trophy.”