Century Belt: Who’s well on their way

Hitting the 100- pound mark for 4 days of tournament competition is a goal every Elite Series Pro wants to accomplish at some point in their career. And they’ll have very few opportunities to ever do this. Several have a shot here this week, and at least seven of them are well on their way. 

Lowen with two 5- pound plus fish in his bag has a lot of room to grow and is less than 10- pounds away with a 1- 14 and a 3- 0 available to cull. Two more of those 5- to 6- pound bites and he’ll be there. 

Shane LeHew also has a lot of room to grow, with the current Phoenix Boats Big Bass of 7- 5 in his bag. He’s less than 8- pounds away from the 100- pound mark with two 2- pounders available to cull. Two big bites, maybe even one could get LeHew there. It would have to be 10-pounder. But there are definitely numerous 10s swimming in Fork. 

Palaniuk and Livesay should be able to limp their way across the century mark line, but nothing is guaranteed in this sport. Stay tuned to see who all will be able to accomplish what is quite often a once-in-a-lifetime achievement.