Century Belt: Livesay first to get there

After a frustrating morning of lost fish, Lee Livesay has settled in and righted the ship. He’s the first unofficially to break the 100- pound mark. This is according to BassTrakk, which is a little more official than usual here this week since this is a catch, weigh and release event. 

He likely still has some work to do to close out the win on Fork today. But the first accomplishment of the day is done, a presumed formality for Livesay starting the day with 87- pounds, 15- ounces and needing little more than 12- pounds to get another Century Belt.

But this accomplishment shouldn’t be understated. Livesay has averaged better than 5-pounds per fish over the course of the last 4 days and still has a few hours left to fish. Congrats to Livesay on something 99.9999% of the rest of us anglers will never have a chance to do.