A tougher Day 2?

Not to call anyone out, but the weights entered into BassTrakk by a few anglers on Day 1 were grossly underestimated, with Chad Pipkens, Kenta Kimura and Hunter Shryock weighing over 13 pounds but estimating they each had less than 12. Wait, well, my bad. Definitely called them out, but it had to be done to make the case for a tougher Day 2.

Even accounting for a little underestimating by some of the anglers out on the water today, the Sabine appears to have been even stingier on Day 2. Many pundits before the event were predicting 30 pounds to be necessary to make the Top 10 after three days. It’s easy math, but for clarity, that’s 10 pounds a day. With less than two hours until weigh-in, though he probably has a little more in reality, Brock Mosley sits in the lead on BassTrakk with less than 10 pounds per day.

Eleven anglers broke the 10-pound mark on Day 1. Caleb Sumrall is the lone angler predicted to do so at the moment, with a bag of 11-4. Mosley, Kyle Welcher and David Williams are all close to double digits as well. But even giving all three of these anglers a bump in the right direction, there will still need to be seven more surprise bags from anglers that aren’t showing up on BassTrakk to match the pace for big bags from Day 1. It seems, at least, tougher today. We’ll see shortly.