Elite Man Caves: Carl Jocumsen

Welcome to the Man Cave of Carl Jocumsen, the Bassmaster Elite Series pro originally from Toowoombaa, Queensland, Australia, and now an east Tennessee transplant. Jocumsen lives in The Volunteer State with his wife, Kayla, and their daughter, Rivah. 
Being centrally located to the Elite Series destinations was a priority when searching for their home, and they explored the Chickamauga Lake and Chattanooga area. During that scouting trip, Carl caught his personal best largemouth weighing 10 pounds, 10 ounces on Chickamauga. That made the decision to stay easy, and they’ve lived here since 2019.  
The Man Cave is a combined space of tackle storge, prep areas and workbench, a home gym, parking for Jocumsen’s Falcon FP20 Predator, Hobie Kayaks and a bar. 
This photo was taken as Jocumsen was awaiting the arrival of VFX Wraps to wrap the boat for the 2023 season, after it was rigged at nearby Hennessey Outdoor Electronics in Dayton, Tenn. 
A wide-angle view of his tackle storage area.
The tour begins where outerwear and personal flotation devices from Mustang Survival are stored. Jocumsen made this open closet for the garments to hang for easy identification, and so they can dry after use. 
Near and dear to Jocumsen is this special storage area for his archery hunting gear. 
What you see is the gear worn during an epic September elk hunt in Montana. 
Jocumsen filled a tag on on a rugged backcountry hike/hunt with pal Brandon Palaniuk.
Jocumsen made this storage shelf from watching a YouTube video. It’s part storage and staging area, with many of the categorized Bass Mafia Bait Casket boxes eventually loaded into the Falcon. The shelf even has a sturdy workbench and top shelf for even more storage space. 
Like many of his peers, Jocumsen uses a label maker to clearly identify the categories of baits stored in the boxes, for easy identification on the shelf and in the center storage compartment of the boat. 
Bass Mafia Money Bags are filled with soft plastics that will also be loaded into the boat. 
With attention to details, Jocumsen even has boxes dedicated to practice baits that can be rotated to tournament-active boxes as needed, or put aside for storage. 
More archery hunting gear hangs on the side of the shelf, this climbing tree stand harness and gear worn on a hunt at Gerald Swindle’s farm. 
When Jocumsen left Australia to pursue his Elite dream, he had to leave behind mementos of his budding career. What you see is a framed jersey worn by Jocumsen when he competed on the Australian Bass Tour (ABT). He was reunited with the jersey after sailors from the Royal Australian Navy were moved to the U.S., and presented it to him. The givers are huge Team Jocumsen followers. 
In 2008, Jocumsen won the Australian Fishing Championship, a series of four events held on separate fisheries as part of a made-for-TV competition. Three years later, he would pack up and move to the U.S. to begin pursuing his dream. 
The equivalent of the Bassmaster Classic, Jocumsen also won the tour’s version of Bassmaster Angler of the Year in 2008.
The tour continues in the main lure storage and prep area. Jocumsen opted for slat wall paneling for its more flexible and sturdy storage options and its cleaner look. 
Most of the tackle prep and especially lure modifications happen on the large bench at the center of the area. 
A workbench runs the length of the slat paneling, with bulk storage below.
Rapala and Storm crankbaits, Arashi lipless baits and swimbaits are categorically stored together for easy identification. 
Carl’s first win at age 15 in Australia came on a Bassman Spinnerbait, and he’s been affiliated with them ever since. “Glen and Sue (Casey) have been with me since the beginning, and they are my longest running sponsor,” he said. Bassman is Australia’s leading maker of custom spinnerbaits, and they are known for using premium ball bearing swivels, stainless steel spring wire and round bend chemically sharpened hooks. A U.S. lineup is now available thanks to Carl.
Conveniently set up on the workbench is a rod maintenance station. 
A row of the Jocumsen-designed Molix Glide Bait 178 big bass catchers. 
Nearby is another Jocumsen-designed contribution, the Molix Supernato Frog.  
The Supernato is designed with a prop action, vent hole to facilitate hooksets, and the flexibility to use customized tails of any type and shape. 
Not surprisingly, abundant space is available for yet another Jocumsen contribution for Molix Lures. 
That is the GT Football Jig, used by Jocumsen to win the 2019 Elite event on Lake Tenkiller in Oklahoma. 
As he prepares for the Elite season, Jocumsen spends time here where all types of Sunline are stored. Nearby is a line-winding station. 
Jocusen described this area as a wall of purgatory for lures that are unused but still relevant if needed for rotation into his game-day bait lineup. 
It’s an eclectic lineup of swimbaits and glide baits (of course). 
In football terms, this is the sideline for rod-and-reel combos that will go into action for the next tournament, and specifically the first 2023 event at Lake Okeechobee. 
Like his peers, Jocumsen will consider dozens of outfits, and this wall storage makes the prioritized rigs stand out. 
Again, like a football player in full uniform standing ready on the sideline, the rods are fitted with neoprene Rod Glove Pro Series models. 
Back at the main workbench, Jocumsen is modifying and prepping his favorite big bass baits. 
Jocumsen’s work bench and shop has many of Scosche Industries’ Magic Mount magnetic bars and phone mounts for easy organization, and a quick spot to put your phone while working.
Another priority storage area holds Jocumsen’s heavy-hitter lineup of Glide baits, Shimano reels and Millerods casting rods. 
“Since I was a kid, physical fitness has been a big priority for me, and I intentionally put this home gym near the boat and tackle work area,” Jocumsen said. A daily workout is as much of a priority as preparing tackle and the boat, 
Jocumsen’s cousin, Kris George, is an Australian former professional champion boxer. 
And thus, the reason why the gloves and training mannequin are also part of the workout regime. 
A yoga mat? The mat, back roller and block are for recovery workouts from the body stresses of fishing. Jocumsen does stretches to prevent muscle and joint injuries from the specific body movements.
The workout gym area has two of Scosche Industries’ Bluetooth waterproof speakers for music while ge training.
Jocumsen can’t take the gym with him on the road, so he supplements his daily workouts with these kettlebells. 
When at home, Jocumsen (and Kayla) enjoy mountain bike and trail cycling to keep in shape, and enjoy the outdoors. 
“Eating healthy is most important to us, and to provide for my family through fishing and hunting is one of my greatest rewards in life,” Jocumsen said. This freezer is filled with elk meat from his backcountry Montana hunt. 
“Elk meat is so vitamin rich and heart healthy, and this will feed us throughout the Elite season,” he said.
This plaque created by Kayla’s mother to commemorate their wedding, hangs on the wall above the bar at the opposite side of the Man Cave. 
Nearby is a shelf of trophies and memories from Australia to Jocumsen’s achievements in hunting and fishing in the U.S.
More Australian mementos delivered by Jocumsen’s navy friends. 
A special photo capturing the moment when Kayla and Carl celebrated his first Elite win on the weigh-in stage in Muskogee, Okla. 
Basssmaster LIVE past episodes play on a large LED TV mounted above the bar and within view across the Man Cave, and not for entertainment. “I constantly watch reruns of LIVE as part of my tournament awareness and research.”
This Hobie Mirage Lynx will soon be mounted to the roof of the camper.
Just outside the door to the Man Cave is the Jocumsen’s home on the road, the Lance Camper that will soon be loaded up for the season.