Conservation News

Oregon B.A.S.S. Nation enhancing warm-water fisheries

By Lonnie Johnson

Each year, when it is warm enough to be out on windblown Davis Lake, a fly fishing only impoundment, OR Dept. of Fish & Wildlife, in conjunction with OR B.A.S.S. Nation, ventures out to do a little electrofishing for the good of warm water anglers. In 2017, we were able to gather 195 Largemouth bass, varying in length and weight, but definitely healthy fish.

There are no bass hatcheries in Oregon, so we transfer fish from thriving impoundments to those less fortunate. I thank the ODFW warmwater biologists, especially our good friend David Haight from ODFW, for their continuing efforts on our behalf. While 195 bass may seem an insignificant number of bass to a lot of the country, they are precious to us, and we value each and every one.