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10 Top tips (5/5)

Floss fix I’ve read tips about keeping jig and spinnerbait skirts in place with wire ties, electrical tape, etc. I’ve used dental floss for this application for more than 20...

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10 Top tips (4/5)

Floating net Any time you lean over the gunnels to net a fish, you risk dropping your net — with the fish in it! To keep from losing them both,...

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10 Top tips (3/5)

Brush grabbers Does your favorite bass lake have flooded bushes or standing timber? Get an old set of jumper cables and split them down the middle with a razor knife....

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10 Top tips (2/5)

Line marker If you can see fish on your graph at a certain depth but can’t keep track of how much line you have out, forgo an electronic line counter...

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10 Top tips (1/5)

Make your own double toad hook Double the life of your braid If you use green braided line (which most freshwater-specificbraid is), it will turn hazy and fray as it...

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