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Hydrilla vs Milfoil

Fred Roumbanis dealt with plenty of hydrilla on Tennessee’s Chick- amauga Lake in 2014’s BASSfest. Photo by David Hunter Jones

Ask almost any bass angler about hydrilla and Eurasian water milfoil and he can tell you that they are “grass” and that they attract bass. Ask him to explain the difference between the two and he probably can’t — unless he’s a pro or fishes Sam Rayburn, Guntersville or some of the other reservoirs that contain both.

The pros know the difference because sometimes one is better than the other and knowing when and why can be the difference between finishing in or out of the money. That also means that they don’t always want to tell you which plant held their fish, preferring instead to just say “grass.” “No matter where we go, the lake that offers either or both is always better than the lake that doesn’t,” said Todd Faircloth, a Bassmaster Elite Series pro from Texas who uses his knowledge of the plants and their differences to his advantage.

Knowing more about them can help you catch bass, too, whether you already fish one of the reservoirs with hydrilla and milfoil or are planning to visit a fishery with one or both.