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Finesse rigging alternatives

A few decades back, it was possible to go out on tour and experience success with a “Tennessee Tacklebox,” a brown paper grocery sack with a handful of flipping jigs,...

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Small mats can produce big bass

Elite Series pro Brandon Card of Tennessee expanded my bass fishing horizons on the summer day I fished with him at Wisconsin’s Pewaukee Lake. Pewaukee has copious submerged grassbeds that...

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How to fish in the postspawn

Search far and wide, and you won’t likely find a more versatile fisherman than Luke Clausen. The 2006 Bassmaster Classic champion was reared in the Pacific Northwest and came of...

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Silent vs. rattling crankbaits

The emerging popularity of silent crankbaits should come as no surprise to those of us who recall the 1960s, when you couldn’t find a rattling bait on tackle shelves. That...

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Backwater dynamics

The term dynamics refers to change and variation, particularly within driving or motivating forces. It’s used a lot in the business world to describe market changes and corporate growth (or...

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Balancing different rod lengths

The cornerstone for accuracy and minimal backlashes with baitcasting tackle is a balanced outfit that matches the lure you’re casting. Given today’s myriad bass baits and techniques, this balancing act...

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