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How to fish current in the winter

Strong-willed, decisive, independent thinker; such are the makings of the successful Bassmaster Elite angler. So, why then, would Mark Menendez and Wes Logan admit to just going with the flow?...

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Fishing shallow in the cold

The common perception among bass anglers when consistently cold weather sets in is that the only way to get a bite is to head to deeper water where groups of...

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Fishing the winter drawdown

Knowing the plans for preventing floods in the spring can improve your chances of catching wintertime bass on man-made reservoirs. Reservoir authorities annually draw down lake levels during the winter...

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Underspin swimbaits

Much of the success that Texan Chris Zaldain has had fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series can be credited to his mastery of swimbaits. While this is no secret, you may...

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How to pick the right jerkbait

During the past few years, jerkbaits have been flexing their muscles in major tournaments more than ever before. Even so, few anglers take full advantage of what long minnow lures...

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Wintertime spinnerbait fishing

Greg Hackney is well known for his love of dissecting shallow-water targets with his flipping stick. But as one of the most consistent anglers on the Bassmaster Elite Series, he...

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How to fish gravel bars

I do not mind admitting that when I grab that last Chick-fil-A waffle fry, the first thing I do is turn the bag upside down to salvage those chipped and...

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Pitching lightweight baits

Every so often someone coins a phrase for a bass fishing technique that is so descriptive it accurately defines the method. Good examples are the terms flippin’ and pitchin’. Bassmaster...

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