Gear Review: AFTCO Women’s Tactical Camo Hooded LS Performance Shirt


AFTCO Women’s Tactical Camo Hooded LS Performance Shirt


Designed for anglers who demand both functionality and fashion, the AFTCO Women’s Tactical Camo Hooded Long Sleeve Performance Shirt blends high-tech features with a distinct aesthetic. Its unique, proprietary camo pattern not only stands out for its stylish look but also serves a practical purpose by helping anglers blend into their surroundings. The shirt is crafted from AFTCO’s AFTECH fabric, offering UPF 50 sun protection, AFCOOL quick-dry moisture-wicking, AFGUARD stain resistance and AFLEX four-way stretch for unparalleled comfort and mobility on the water.


This performance shirt is designed for versatile use in all fishing conditions, from sunny, calm days to windy, inclement weather. Its moisture-wicking and quick-dry capabilities keep anglers comfortable and dry, while the UPF 50 protection shields against harmful UV rays. The four-way stretch fabric ensures full range of motion, whether casting, reeling in a big catch or navigating the boat.





Having spent countless hours bass fishing in various conditions, I’ve come to appreciate gear that not only performs well but also feels like a part of me on the water. The AFTCO Women’s Tactical Camo Hooded LS Performance Shirt fits this bill perfectly. Its comfort and protection are unparalleled, making long days under the sun more bearable and, honestly, more enjoyable. The AFTECH fabric’s moisture-wicking and UPF 50 sun protection have been game changers for me, especially during those midsummer tournaments when the sun is relentless. The integrated hood has saved my skin on numerous occasions, not just from sunburn but also from the occasional windburn and insect bites.

What I truly love about this shirt, beyond its technical capabilities, is how it makes me feel connected to my environment. The camo pattern is not only stylish but functional, allowing me to blend seamlessly into the natural surroundings — a small but significant factor that enhances the overall fishing experience. It’s stretchy enough to move with me, whether I’m casting from the boat or fighting to land a stubborn bass, yet it still retains its shape and protective features.

I’ve recommended this shirt to fellow anglers not only for its high performance and protection but also for the confidence and comfort it brings to any fishing adventure. It’s one of those rare pieces of gear that combines functionality, comfort and style so well that it becomes an essential part of your fishing arsenal. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just enjoy weekend fishing trips, the AFTCO Women’s Tactical Camo Hooded LS Performance Shirt is worth the investment for the serious angler who demands the best from their gear.