BassmastHER workshop at Wheeler Lake recap

The BassmastHER workshop at Wheeler Lake Elite brought together women anglers of all skill levels for a day of learning, networking and empowerment, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and the dedication of professional female anglers.

On June 15, the tranquil waters of Wheeler Lake in Decatur, Ala., became the backdrop for an inspiring gathering of women anglers at the BassmastHER workshop. Supported by Bassmaster and Toyota, this event aimed to advance the sport of fishing among females, fostering a community of passionate anglers eager to enhance their skills and build confidence both on and off the water.

A warm welcome and exciting start

The day started bright and early at 9 a.m. with warm welcomes and introductions. Attendees were greeted by the Bassmaster staff and our featured professional female anglers: Anastasia Patterson (anastasiapatterson_fishing), Kristine Fischer (midwestfishergal), Maggie Jo Carsello (maggiejo_outdoors) and Mackenzie Sanders (msandersfishing).

Over 41 participants registered and made their way through the sponsor booths, grabbing amazing giveaways and creating their personalized swag bags filled with exclusive BassmastHER gear. The excitement was high because who doesn’t love new gear?

We also got a surprise appearance from Elite Series pro Matt Robertson himself, carrying in boxes full of Whataburger breakfast for everyone, with plenty of different breakfast options. Whataburger generously also provided drinks, snacks and Whataburger-branded goodies.

Learning the basics: Bait, rods, reels and lines

From 10 a.m. to noon, we dove into a comprehensive session on bait basics and gear essentials. Participants learned how to select the right bait and got hands-on with their fishing gear, including rods, reels and lines. Expert tips from our ambassadors provided invaluable knowledge for anglers of all skill levels.

We also distributed a BassmastHER Fishing Guide containing all the information we covered during the workshops so that anglers could take notes and refer to the booklet when planning future fishing trips.

Intermediate and advanced classes

We recognized there are going to be some women who are coming to this event to learn how to get started, while others might be more familiar with fishing already and really just want to strengthen their skills. We decided to break everyone into two groups so that everyone could learn at their own pace and network with others at the same skill level.

To cater to different skill levels, we offered two specialized classes:

  • Intermediate Class: Taught by Anastasia Patterson and Maggie Jo Carsello, this class focused on refining basic techniques and introducing more advanced strategies.
  • Advanced Class: Led by Kristine Fischer and Mackenzie Sanders, this class explored advanced techniques, including patterning bass behavior and mastering precision casting.

Lunch and networking

A delicious lunch from noon to 1 p.m. provided the perfect opportunity for participants to relax, network and share their fishing experiences. The atmosphere buzzed with conversations, fostering a strong sense of community among attendees.

Casting class and boat basics

The focus shifted to practical skills from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. with a casting class and boat basics session. Participants received hands-on instruction on casting techniques and learned the fundamentals of handling both kayaks and bass boats. The interactive session allowed attendees to practice their skills and receive personalized feedback from our expert instructors.

Bass Pro Shops and Ranger were both significant contributors to this workshop. Everyone did a great job of sharing tips and tricks, helping one another and lifting each other up. You could really feel the camaraderie, support and womanhood among the participants.

A day to remember

The BassmastHER workshop at the Wheeler Lake Elite was more than just a fishing event; it was a celebration of women in angling. The day’s activities, from learning the basics to gaining advanced insights, were designed to empower and inspire. Participants left with new skills, increased confidence and a sense of belonging to a supportive community of like-minded anglers.

Bassmaster and Toyota continue to inspire and support the goals and aspirations of female anglers. These workshops, held alongside Elite Series tournaments, focus on bass fishing fundamentals, casting accuracy, familiarization with bass boats/kayaks and industry and sponsorship opportunities. Open to all skill levels, these free workshops are available to anyone who wants to fish!

As the sun began to set over Wheeler Lake, the sense of accomplishment and camaraderie among participants was unmistakable. The BassmastHER workshop succeeded in its mission to advance the sport of fishing among females and create lasting memories for everyone involved. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the sponsors who made this event possible. Your generous support and contributions have significantly enriched the experience for all participants.

Stay tuned for future BassmastHER workshops, and join us in continuing to empower and support women in the wonderful world of fishing! If you’re a female angler looking to advance your skills and confidence, don’t miss the chance to be part of this inspiring community. Register today and be part of the BassmastHER movement!

To sign up for the St. Lawrence River BassmastHER Workshop: Click here!