Triumph at the BassmastHER Women’s Fishing Workshop at St. Johns

Find out why the BassmastHER Women’s Fishing Workshop at St. Johns River a resounding success.

The BassmastHER Women’s Fishing Workshop at St. Johns was a wonderful success. Our primary goal was to connect with local women interested in enhancing their fishing skills and enjoying the company of other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts. We were thrilled to have 18 eager participants show up, all ready to learn and engage.

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The event kicked off at 9 a.m., with the participants signing in and receiving some awesome free gear from Toyota, Bass Pro Shops, Coast and the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce.

The first session was led by Bassmaster Magazine Editor-in-Chief James Hall, who did an excellent job going over the different types of baits available on the market. He covered everything from rigging worms to understanding the mechanics of a crankbait.

Next up, Anastasia Patterson took the stage to discuss the science of fishing, delving into biology, seasonal patterns and bass behavior. Each participant was given a packet that aligned with the morning’s lessons, providing a great visual guide which helped the ladies absorb the information more effectively.

It was inspiring to see everyone taking diligent notes and asking insightful questions; the growing confidence in each angler was evident.

After a morning of intense learning, we took a break to enjoy a wonderful lunch provided by Bassmaster, which also gave everyone a chance to bond. It’s amazing how quickly friendships can form in such a positive environment. I had the pleasure of catching up with a former SCAD Fishing teammate, and we planned future fishing trips together. Several women realized they lived near each other and started making plans to meet again.

The afternoon began with Patterson sharing her personal fishing journey, her aspirations for the Elites and her dream to win the Bassmaster Classic. Her story was so inspiring that it brought some of us to tears. She’s a true role model, encouraging us all to pursue our dreams with boldness. Following her talk, she led a practical knot-tying demonstration using a rope and hair tie, which was a hit with the group.

Hall then returned to elaborate on different types of fishing reels and rods, explaining their mechanics and specifications to ensure everyone understood which setups work best for various fishing techniques.

He also demonstrated casting techniques like flipping and pitching, and we all went outside to practice these skills using cornhole boards to aim for precision and distance.

As the workshop concluded, we handed out rods generously provided by Bass Pro Shops. The atmosphere was filled with joy and gratitude. Seeing everyone walk away with new friendships and boosted confidence was incredibly fulfilling. I am deeply moved by the impact this workshop had and wish every female angler could experience this kind of community support, which is so empowering, especially when entering tournaments and facing doubts in male-dominated spaces.

Thank you to Toyota, Bass Pro Shops, Coast and the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce for making this incredible day possible, and a huge thank you to all the wonderful ladies who attended.