Beginner's Gear: Eagle Claw Snap-On Float

What sets it apart? 

As far as necessary beginner tackle goes, aside from the hook, sinker and the bait, the Snap-On Float, or bobber, is next in line. There are times when a bobber is not necessary, and certainly it is not needed to enjoy a day lakeside, but the Snap-On Float will enhance the experience by giving young or beginner anglers a visual aid in detecting a bite. The Eagle Claw Floats are available in seven different sizes and four colors and come in six different sized packs from 1- to 50-packs.

How do I use it? 

One of the main benefits of the Snap-On Float, as mentioned above, it that is helps to detect when a fish bites. Having that visual will allow anglers to see exactly when to begin the fight. Floating on the surface, it will bob around and will go under the water when a fish eats the bait suspended below. This visual aspect will help to keep younger anglers interested in the process and will make sure they keep focused and learn the basics of setting the hook. The snap on features makes it easy to add and remove from the fishing line.

How much? 


Where to buy:

Keep it simple: 

Teaching a new angler to fish using a bobber is a great idea for many reasons. It keeps younger anglers occupied while waiting for bites and is an indicator of when to set the hook. The ability to quickly add or remove a bobber float from the line allows for adjustments to be on the fly. The float will only allow the bait to sink so much and it can be adjusted for fishing shallower or deeper water. The available colors are easily spotted at the end of a long cast so you will never miss a bite.

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