Legends & Lore – The Bluebird Tour

Necessity is the mother of invention, and necessity created the first B.A.S.S. seminar. Trying to appease an unhappy community he was holding a tournament in, Ray Scott decided to hold a free fishing seminar featuring pros from his circuit.

Legends & Lore – All American

In 1967, Ray Scott came up with the idea to put on a fully regulated big money fishing tournament. He called it the All-American and held it on Beaver Lake in Springdale Arkansas.

Legends & Lore – Catch & Release

Ray Scott was invited to host a trout fishing event and was amazed at how excited grown men got when they released one of the small fish alive. If these guys got excited about a puny trout, how would people react seeing an 8-pound bass released?

Legends & Lore – Secrets of the Tour

In 1971 the very first Super Bowl of bass fishing was held, the only problem was that nobody knew where it would be. By design, Ray Scott kept the location secret until all the competitors were on a chartered jet in-route to the chosen lake.

Legends & Lore – Teaching the Next Generation

TV and Magazine exposure from tournament fishing created a new breed of hero in today's culture. A whole generation of youth has grown up idolizing and more importantly learning from these legends.

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