Classic Moments: Tommy Martin wins the 1974 Classic

LAKE WHEELER, Ala. — Counting bonus money for daily lunker prizes, Tommy Martin of Hemphill, Texas, pocketed $15,400 for winning the Classic.

Martin's haul of 33 pounds, 7 ounces was enough for him to hold off Roger Moore of Branson, Mo., and made Martin the first pro to win a regular-season tournament and the Classic in the same year.

Martin alternated between a white Weed-Wader spinnerbait (to which he added a trailer hook) and shad-colored crankbaits, Rebel Super-Rs and Bagley Balsa-Bs.

He found most of his success fishing on a steep, rocky bank where the water dropped off from a few feet deep to more than 20 feet.

Of note:

  • The 1974 Classic was Tommy Martin's first. He became the only pro to win a BASS tournament and the Classic in his first year on the trail.
  • This was Classic legend Rick Clunn's first world championship event. He finished 16th.

Top 6 finishers

  1. Tommy Martin Hemphill, Texas, 33-07
  2. Roger Moore Branson, Mo., 29-01
  3. Bobby Meador Baton Rouge, La., 24-08
  4. Ricky Green Arkadelphia, Ark., 22-04
  5. Charlie Campbell Forsyth, Mo., 22-02
  6. Roland Martin Tulsa, Okla., 21-07
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