Man, I wish I was weighing fish

As I write this I wish the world was on its axis and B.A.S.S. was finishing up a great event on Lake Chickamauga. But the world is not right at this current time. There are far more important things going on than fishing tournaments.

I want to thank our leaders at B.A.S.S. for putting the safety of all concerned ahead of the business end of things. Yes, I am part of those discussions from an input standpoint. There are days where I lead the decision of whether or not to send the anglers out in weather. But this is much bigger. So I thank Bruce Akin, Chase Anderson and others for keeping the anglers, fans, staff, cameramen, marshals, and many others safe during these trying days. 

I have fished a couple of wildcat derbies here at the house where we can keep space. And I know the person in my boat and how they have done the things necessary to keep from getting the virus. I cannot imagine asking anyone to leave the dock with a stranger. Nor can I imagine the flip side asking a stranger to head out with someone they really don’t know.

And I certainly cannot imagine asking anyone to go stay in a hotel not knowing who was there last or go to a location where restaurants are not open and store shelves may be empty.

Kids are home from school, and many parents are home from work. Asking professional anglers to leave those type situations behind is beyond imagination. Just not worth it.

Fishing is a great way to get out and away from what might harm us. But I certainly want to control the variables. Take care of your loved ones. Pray for our country, our leaders and especially for those in the health care field tending to the sick.

I pray this will be over soon and we will be back at it in this great sport we all love.  Whenever that is it will be twice the fun after having gone through all of this.

Most of all I pray you and your families are safe and out of harm’s way.

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