2019 in the rearview


James Overstreet

Now that the 2019 Bassmaster Elite season has concluded I thought I might take time to give you my point of view.

Certainly entering into this season there were questions from some. Many anglers had moved on to another circuit, and we wish them well. I can tell you from inside B.A.S.S. headquarters there were not many questions. Thanks to Bruce Akin and Chase Anderson, we were moving forward and working hard every day to make 2019 a great year. That included the tournament and events team, marketing, Bassmaster.com, editorial and the JM crew in Little Rock. A lot of kudos goes to all of these folks.

But a ton of credit goes to the 75 anglers who entered the Elite Series with questions, I’m sure. They did a great job throughout the year on Bassmaster LIVE, in front of the huge crowds, on our website and in print. Those anglers had a job to do for their personal brand too.

And I will tell you they brought bag after bag of heavy fish to the scales. My back and arms were tired and ached just like they have in all of the previous Elite seasons. Well done, guys.

Probably more than anything though a big thanks goes to our wonderful tournament site hosts, local volunteers and most importantly the B.A.S.S. fans. Fans came out by the thousands to experience the Bassmaster Elite Series.

Some of the familiar names were not there, replaced by many names they did not know initially. But none of that seemed to matter. What did matter was seeing first-class competition at the highest level, seeing big fish and interacting with our great sponsors and vendors at the various locations. 

With 2019 in the rearview mirror it is on to 2020 and a great schedule. If we visit your your neck of the woods, please come on out and enjoy the fun.

And I would be remiss to not mention our Bassmaster Marshal program. For 2020 we are reducing the cost. For less than $100 you can share at least two days in the boat with an Elite Series professional. Details to come on Bassmaster.com. You’ll be able to sign up on the website beginning Dec. 1.

Have a great fall and good fishing.