St. Croix Bassmaster Opens

Montgomery still has four

Your Lake Norman reporting crew today – the pair of Moores (Ronnie and Ron) and me – will be bouncing around all day. We left Hank Cherry a few minutes ago. He has only one small keeper, but he's confident he will start sacking 'em after the sun gets further up in the sky.
We're now following Andy Montgomery, who confirmed our earlier report that he has four fish, but he said they weigh only about 6 1/2 pounds. Montgomery started the day only 8 ounces out of first place.
He said he doesn't have a particular weight as a goal today, "Just as much as I possibly can catch."
This could boil down to a one-day shootout between Montgomery and David Williams. But I've got a feeling somebody is going to whack 'em today. There was a lot of confidence among the finalists at Friday's weigh-in.