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Open: Day Two weigh-in

Check out images from the second day of competition on the Red River!

<p>Bill Bonner, co-angler (6th, 13-5)</p>
Bill Bonner, co-angler (6th, 13-5)
<p>Chad Morganthaler (2nd, 27-1)</p>
Chad Morganthaler (2nd, 27-1)
<p>Charles Heavener, co-angler (50th, 9-4)</p>
Charles Heavener, co-angler (50th, 9-4)
<p>Chris Louviere, co-angler (15th, 11-15)</p>
Chris Louviere, co-angler (15th, 11-15)
<p>Clay Dyer (144th, 11-14)</p>
Clay Dyer (144th, 11-14)
<p>Craig Schuff (6th, 24-12)</p>
Craig Schuff (6th, 24-12)
<p>David Padgett, co-angler (44th, 9-10)</p>
David Padgett, co-angler (44th, 9-10)
<p>David Sherrer (35th, 21-6)</p>
David Sherrer (35th, 21-6)
<p>Ernie Smoak, co-angler (1st, 17-7)</p>
Ernie Smoak, co-angler (1st, 17-7)
<p>Jason Stewdorg, co-angler (31st, 10-13)</p>
Jason Stewdorg, co-angler (31st, 10-13)
<p>Jerry Hester (41st, 20-12)</p>
Jerry Hester (41st, 20-12)
<p>Jim Dillard (19th, 23-2)</p>
Jim Dillard (19th, 23-2)
<p>John Moon (36th, 10-4)</p>
John Moon (36th, 10-4)
<p>Justin Lucas (4th, 26-8)</p>
Justin Lucas (4th, 26-8)
<p>Ken Iyobe (11th, 24-2)</p>
Ken Iyobe (11th, 24-2)
<p>Kim Giddens, co-angler (2nd, 15-3)</p>
Kim Giddens, co-angler (2nd, 15-3)
<p>Marvin Ettredge (22nd, 22-12)</p>
Marvin Ettredge (22nd, 22-12)
<p>Matt Lee (71st, 18-1)</p>
Matt Lee (71st, 18-1)
<p>Mike Pedroza (1st, 29-2)</p>
Mike Pedroza (1st, 29-2)
<p>Mitch Kistner (87th, 16-4)</p>
Mitch Kistner (87th, 16-4)
<p>Peter Daniels (5th, 25-13)</p>
Peter Daniels (5th, 25-13)
<p>Randall Tharp (3rd, 26-15)</p>
Randall Tharp (3rd, 26-15)
<p>Russell Rogers, co-angler (10th, 12-9)</p>
Russell Rogers, co-angler (10th, 12-9)
<p>Stephen Browning (12th, 24-0)</p>
Stephen Browning (12th, 24-0)
<p>Tommy Murray (15th, 23-12)</p>
Tommy Murray (15th, 23-12)
<p>Wesley Strader (8th, 24-7)</p>
Wesley Strader (8th, 24-7)