Feider getting back to work

After an unusually long break, the Bassmaster Elite Series is getting back to work. Thanks to the staff at B.A.S.S. and all of the affected communities for working together to find a way to let us fish a complete schedule this year. I’m trying not to look past Eufaula to the three New York events scheduled for July, but it’s hard to stay focused.

I’m not saying that I couldn’t have a good tournament at Eufaula, but it’s not really in my wheelhouse. It’s going to be really hot, which hurts me both mentally and physically. I can sit outside in 20 degree temperatures all day and not complain, but those southern summertime derbies are brutal. Half the time it feels like my goal is not dying. 

One thing that’s been an absolute game-changer for me in the heat is Pedialyte, which has far more electolytes than any regular sports drink and works overtime to keep you hydrated. I’m not the kind of guy who can pound 20 bottles of water a day, and I’m well aware that if you get behind on staying hydrated you’re done, so one of those bottles of Pedialyte keeps me safe. It comes in a big bottle so I drink half of it before bed and half before fishing, and I worry much less about getting dehydrated.