Would you lay down your rod?

With minutes remaining in the first round, Jacob Powroznik offers advice to Koby Kreiger .

With his fellow angler and roommate well outside the Toyota Angler of the Year cut, Jacob Powroznik decided to lay down his rod and coach his friend to a win in the first round of the Bassmaster Classic Bracket. The decision sparked conversations across the nation, as people debated his choice.

What would you do if you were in his shoes? 

Powroznik laid down his rod to help competitor & roommate Kreiger.
Would you do the same? https://t.co/CZ1aeXMesP

— Bassmaster (@BASS_nation) July 20, 2016

Support for Powroznik’s decision

Matt Degodt: It’s his game to play. Good for you Jacob.

Nick Terpselas: Classy move!

Carter Day: Good job jacob, I would do the same.

Danny Lamb: I applaud Jacob, integrity is worth more than gold. This is the example of a class act. Great job Jacob!

Jaclyn Parker Cherry: As a wife of an Elite angler, I am proud of Jacob. This world needs some more of these behaviors, choosing kindness. Jacob is an angler that will be around for a long time, he is one of the best out there. He wanted to give his friend a chance to make the Classic. I am proud of you Jacob Powroznik .

Danny Pitassi: Great move Jacob. if he wins out then he will have to beat KVD tomorrow and either Hite or Rojas Friday, if he can do that then Kreiger as earned it.

Michael McCoy: From 1st hand knowledge both Koby and Jacob a class acts. This is sportsman ship at its finest. It is a choice – helping in competion is not new. partner info sharing has been going on for years. Why not help a buddy make a classic, especially when he has already made the field. Oh and by the way, if you think he did it for free… Well lets just say, if he makes the classic, Jacob will see a payback I am sure. GOOD FOR THEM!!!

Ben Perkins: Elite guys help each other all the time. By either telling them how to catch the fish, or by giving them baits out of their own boat. This is no different. He is helping another angler. Some may think it’s extreme, but it’s his choice to fish or not. Hats off to him!

Would other athletes do the same?

Daniel Bailey: I’m going to bet that all of the people who are against this have fished a team tourney where their partner carried them on their shoulder and won’t some $$$, and still split it evenly. No diff. U didn’t earn it, still got rewarded. J-Pow, that is what friendship is all about!

Casey Kmiecik: This reminds me of when Brett Favre purposely took a sack so Michael Strahan could break the record. If I was the guy fishing against him I wouldn’t want to advance to the next round unless I earned it.

Brandon Bruette:  He is the only one of the 8 that can make the classic by winning this event. Pipkens, Johnathan van dam, and palaniuk all help each other during the elite events. As do many other roommates and friends I’m sure. That’s what roommates and friends are for. If you were in his position you would like his help too. If you say you wouldn’t you’re not being honest or just trying to be negative in my opinion.

Will Campbell: Fishing has always been a sport about passing the tips and the tricks down the line so fellow anglers could learn to master the sport. What Jacob is doing is showing great character and helping a angler achieve full potential. Koby has already fished the classic and Jacob is helping him to become better. Hats off to Jacob for doing it. If you think KVD doesn’t mentor anglers and help them with their game you would be dead wrong. They all help each other.

Bobby Greene: You didn’t see the Lee bros lay their rods down in the college championship sudden death….

Kyle Patterson: Personally I respect Jacob and think that what he did was a noble act however with that being said if this situation is allowed to continue then I don’t see how this is really any different from what Pete Rose did back in the 80s. Now I don’t think Jacob did what he did today for any kind of personal gain what so ever but I do feel like anytime professional athletes are allowed to intentionally throw a game or competition then it has a negative impact on the integrity of the sport.

Dominic Cheung: In competitive sports, there’s no way that letting another angler through with relative ease is fair (to the sport, to other competitors and to the benefitting competitor). Friends can help out in other ways.

Disapproval of his decision

Ty Boe: Not sure about this move by J Proz.. This kinda ruins the whole format

Chris Brackett: Having good integrity won’t put checks in the bank. I applaud the idea, but business is business.

Rodrigo Cruz: Nice and all, but when he goes up against KVD he’s gonna get smoked!

David Czudek: Personally I would never lay my rod down, not even for my blood brother. He would have to earn it by being better on that day.

Joe Barnes Fishing: Jacob is my dude as far as the new upcoming angler killing the field but to me if Koby is meant to be in Classic you have to earn it yourself. I know that both these guys are class act 99% of Elite Pros are but putting a guy on fish and laying your rod down while other competitors are grinding it out on their own is not fair. Especially when one of the best angler’s in the world is coaching you. I love you JP the act of kindness and selfishness is there but it wasnt fair to the rest of the field to do this…Sorry!

Mike Gamblin: Don’t think KVD will be laying down any rods in the second round versus Kreiger do you?