Toledo Bend: Joy and big bait pain

Skeet Reese (34th, 41- 2)

Well, the Toledo Bend Elite Series event is behind us, and all I can say is that it was a major pain in the neck – and my hand if you saw the video of me removing the jerkbait from my hand. At the same time, it was one of the happiest tournament weeks I can remember in a while.

The reason for that, I got to watch my best friend – my roommate on tour for 25 years – John Murray, win the Blue Trophy, and I couldn’t be much happier if I’d have won it myself. I’ll talk more about that at the end because we want to end on a high note.

My week can be summed up in one word – AAAAHHHH! One of these days I’ll learn not to put all of my hopes in the big baits; they can put you on a high and can throw you off the roof too. 

If I was asked to give a title to my tournament at Toledo Bend, it would have to be “The Demise of the Big Bait.” I have what should be described as a love/hate relationship with large lures. On one hand I know that if everything works out, I can separate myself from the field in a hurry. If I don’t, the event is going to be a grind.

As I’ve “matured” as a big bait angler, I’ve learned that it is a high-risk bait selection, and you really have to pick your battles when it comes to committing to them or not. The bad part is this – you usually don’t find out it’s the wrong time to throw them until it’s too late, and I probably spent too much time chasing it.

I had good reason to though, in practice I had a 6-pounder and couple of 5-pounders that I caught, and after I took the hooks off, I had an 8-plus that absolutely crushed the bait and took off, stripping drag the whole time. Remember, I said the lure didn’t have hooks, so she wanted that bait. 

I caught a key fish each day on a variety of big baits – and had some fails – and I had to scramble and fall back to more conventional baits, like a Berkley Havoc Bottom Hopper and Lucky Craft Pointer 100 and 128 jerkbaits to fill in around them.  

Altogether, I ground it out and put together 41-2 for three days and finished 34th. It felt good to get a check after two debacles in the opening events of the season, but I’ve got a big hill to climb to get into Classic qualification range.

Now to John. It was really fun to watch him win an Elite Series tournament, and when I say watch, I did. I don’t think I’ve watched that many hours of Bassmaster LIVE in the past two years combined. I thought about launching the boat and going out there to watch him, but it’s not like I could hide in my big ol’ yellow and black Eagle Claw TroKar / General Tire Ranger. I didn’t want to add to the pressure, so I stayed in the house and yelled at my iPad instead.

There were a couple of times he stopped throwing the crankbaits and jerkbaits and picked up a worm, so I yelled at him through the iPad to not be such a wussy and to pick up the real baits and go for the win. Obviously, he knew what he was doing, but I was still trying to help him with a Jedi mind trick.

I’m really happy for John, his wife Amy and their son TJ. He is one of the best people I know, and I’m glad it was finally his time to win; that was a lot of fun to watch. We celebrated that night back at the house, it was really cool.

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Thanks, and now that you’ve finished reading my story, get off your devices and your butts and go fishing…

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