Tak's stealth approach

Takahiro Omori vacated a productive area after catching a limit by 7:55 a.m. on Day 1. Today, he departed the same area with a limit at 8 a.m.. Conventional wisdom is to stay, not move, in a tournament with such tightly stacked weights.

But that is not the style of Takahiro Omori. The always secretive and elusive angler chose to leave the area early to avoid detection by other anglers. He’s got the area all to himself. Giving it away could be costly considering the tight weights appearing on the leaderboard.

Watch Bassmaster LIVE and you see Omori fishing a narrow area appearing to be a river channel. His casting target is the downstream current break created by a muddy bar. On the other side is a channel and a shallow pocket is on the opposite side of the bar. Current is the obvious key. At this point, so might Omori leaving the area to keep it to himself.

Coincidentally, Omori was unsure if the area would hold up today. Why would it not, considering the fact there is no other fishing pressure? He also might have gotten his answer for other reasons. With no pressure, and potentially reliable population of bass, Omori might be on to something big here this week.