Tacoronte takes medical hardship, will miss Elites

Florida pro Jesse Tacoronte is taking a medical hardship and will miss the 2018 Elite season. He has herniated discs in his neck and lower back, and is scheduled for surgery in February. 
Tacoronte struggled with shoulder issues throughout his rookie Elite season in 2017, and had surgery on the shoulder right after the 2017 campaign ended. “I felt better for a week or two,” he said. “But it turned out the neck issue is causing the shoulder issue. I thought about doing the medical hardship last year, probably should have, but it just didn’t seem right to do that my rookie season.”
Tacoronte intends to come back and fish the Elites in 2019. He is also the founder and president of Enigma Fishing. 
The 2018 Elite Series now sits at 110 anglers. The cut will be at 51, with 51 places paying out.