StormSkin by Blackfish Gear

When you have a fishing trip planned and Mother nature does not work in your favor, you need gear that you can trust in. The StormSkin line by Blackfish Gear makes sure you are prepared for those unpredictable weather days. 

The StormSkin line delivers 100% waterproof, 100% windproof, and 100% warmth to keep you comfortable in wet and cold weather conditions. Featuring the combination of a windproof and waterproof outer soft-shell fabric with a free hanging long nap fleece inner lining, these garments are designed for days with unfavorable weather conditions.

The StormSkin line is packed with options for men and women. From jackets to hoodies to bibs and pants, anglers will stay warm and dry in wet or windy and cold conditions. The long nap fleece lining with Thermal Snare technology will trap the heat inside for warmth, while the outside fabric will keep the elements out.