St. Croix debuts a half-dozen extra-long, Legend Tournament Bass casting rods at the Bassmaster Classic

Park Falls, WI  – The precision, long-distance cast – it’s the mark of the elite bass angler. The ability to hit the faraway pocket in a pad field, to reach the most remote regions of a dock, to run a crankbait on ledge in just the right window—these are the powers that separate the average bass angler from the extraordinary one. These are the angling powers that St. Croix aims to amplify with the debut of six new members in the Legend Tournament Bass casting lineup.

 The new rods range from 8’ to 9’11” — yes, 9’11”.

The newer, longer Legend Tournament Bass rods take advantage of updated B.A.S.S. regulations allowing anglers to compete with rod lengths that haven’t been seen on the tournament trail in decades. Bass junkies will surely celebrate the introduction. One particular bass-head has been instrumental in the development process, and recently tasked the rods to tangle with Mexico-class bass.

“We took the full lineup from Wisconsin down to the iconic Angler’s Inn in Mexico,” says St. Croix National Accounts Manager Dan Johnston. “For almost a week, we let Lake Picachos and Lake El Salto give them everything they had.”

After six days in the Sinaloa sun, the feedback returned universal results: from hammering home long range hookups with the 8’11” MEGA Swim Bait model to punching the super-long 9’11”, the Legend Tournament Bass long rods added an incredible level of control over feisty bass. Because of their increased length, these rods give anglers more leverage over jumping bass—often eliminating a fish’s ability to clear the water (and shake a hook) with the simple dip of a rod tip.

New extra-long Legend Tournment Bass available in two spinning and six spinning models.