Simms Fishing Products assists conservation efforts with Mille Lacs Smallmouth Alliance

Isle, Minn. — The Mille Lacs Smallmouth Alliance is proud to announce a new partnership for the conservation efforts of the world-class trophy smallmouth bass on Mille Lacs with industry giant Simms Fishing Products. Proudly the choice of gear for professional guides and anglers everywhere, Simms has a storied history of encouraging conservation programs for fisheries and the work of this non-profit will benefit from their financial and in-kind contributions.

“We’re thrilled to have another industry partner step up in such a big way to help us with our message of catch and release and sound conservation management on Mille Lacs,” said Jim DaRosa, president of the MLSA. “Simms is a great organization, not only for their high-quality clothing and product line, but for their corporate commitment to conservation efforts.”

“MLSA is working to ensure future generations have the same experience on Mille Lacs that we are fortunate to have today. That is something we can get behind,” said Patterson Leeth, Lakes Community Leader at Simms. “Mille Lacs is such a special fishery and the surrounding communities rely on the health of this state treasure to prosper. We want to do our part to support that.”

Free the fighter is more than a slogan for the MLSA, it is the future of sustaining this world-class fishery as showcased the last two years at the year-end Angler of the Year Bassmaster Elite tournaments. Together, with Simms as the leading producer of high quality products to keep anglers dry, comfortable and protected from the elements, the synergy grows.

The in-kind product will be used at the MLSA’s fundraisers and the cash contributions all help share the message of catch and release and how important it is to manage the fishery for the health of the older (and larger) smallmouth bass population. Simms applauds the MLSA’s vocal efforts to speak up to sustain a fishery so that it can continue to be phenomenal for generations to come. 

Donations for the MLSA’s Bronzeback Blowout fundraiser are welcome from other industry partners in support of this mission. The event will be held on Saturday, April 21 at the local resort Izatys on Mille Lacs. Interested organizations should email DaRosa at [email protected].