Fishing the redfish frenzy


Learn more about redfish from pros Steve Lessard, Joseph Sanderson, Guillermo Gonzalez and Justin Carter.

Some of the best fishing of the year in the Southeast and Gulf Coast regions begins in October and continues throughout the winter months. Bull reds? Yep, they’re on the hunt at the southern end of the Red Coast, prowling the passes, inlets and marshes for shrimp and other bountiful fall bait that’s pushed into warmer shallows. Slot fish? Of course, they’re here, too, feeding like mad. No doubt, it’s a special and exciting time for redfish anglers. Let the frenzy begin.

We asked top redfish experts — Steve Lessard (Louisiana), Joseph Sanderson (Texas), Guillermo Gonzalez (Texas), and Justin Carter (South Carolina) — some specific questions about where and how they are fishing for reds right now and throughout the coming weeks. Their answers and insights are sure to prove helpful for any angler looking to experience more fun and more success in pursuit of fall and winter reds.

What factors are influencing where and how you are fishing redfish now and through the coming weeks and months?