Overheard at the Day Two weigh-in of the Ramada All-Star Semi-Final

Best lines overheard at the Day Two weigh-in of the Ramada All-Star Semi-Final.

“I go do my job, I catch fish, I take skinny boy out.”

  • Skeet Reese on facing Casey Ashley on the Alabama River on Friday

“This is a bonus for us, just being here this week.”

  • Mike Iaconelli

“I did beat him this week. I just have to do the same thing next week.”

  • Ott DeFoe, when asked about going up against Ike

“I’ll rest up here a couple days. I’ll be good.”

  • Aaron Martens, who faces Edwin Evers, on his week which included 4 hours of sleep the past two nights after a 30-hour drive from Las Vegas

“We’re offering $1,000 to anybody on this stage who will swap.”

  •  Gerald Swindle, on not wanting to fish against roommate Terry Scroggins

“We’ve been sharing information all year. I hope he shares some information on the river.”

  • Big Show, in response to Alabama’s Swindle

“I’d fish against King Kong for $1,000.”

  • Swindle, after getting no takers on swapping opponents