Best lines overheard at the first round weigh-in of the Evan Williams Bourbon All-Star Championship, which again is dominated by Gerald Swindle.

 “Cause my breath smell like cut bait and rotten feet when you don’t eat all day.”

- Gerald Swindle on why he was chewing his gum so hard when he got on stage

 “I fished my hinny off. I’ve never gone up. I’m kind of kicking myself for that.”

- Aaron Martens on not going north on the river

“I can’t believe I beat Aaron, he’s such a great spotted bass fisherman, knows the river.”

- Edwin Evers

“I had Kevin watch me for a half hour this morning, make me nervous.”

- Martens

“I try to focus on the bass. Because If I try to focus on Terry, it’s a negative energy.”  

- Swindle

“I see how good he is. You can’t turn that down.”

- Scroggins on if he’d still be Swindle’s road roommate

“We’re going to the Keys in two weeks. if he wins this, I’m going to expect a big party.”

- Scroggins on Swindle before they weighed in

“If I win it and we get to the Keys, Big Show will be happy.”

- Swindle

“He ‘Ott’ to throw something different tomorrow and not catch so many.”

- Swindle on facing DeFoe