PSA to bring awareness to human trafficking

Augusta, Ga. - The Reel Agent, Krista Fields, and the wives/girlfriends of several Bassmaster Elite Series anglers have teamed up to bring awareness to a horrible human rights crisis that is in our country. The statics for sex slavery and human trafficking is overwhelming and needs to have a light shined on it.

A PSA video will be coming out soon showcasing the crisis and how you can help. A GoFundMe page and Facebook page have been set up to help raise money and educate. Sunrise Ministries out of Acworth, Ga., is the charity we have chosen to help raise money, and they will also send funds to other charites that are in need as well. You can find out more about Sunrise Ministries at the locations below. 

Sunrise Ministries
PO Box 801303 Acworth, GA 30101
And the Facebook page for Sunrise Ministries 

Here's a little more about Sunrise Minisitries: their slogan is: "It's a New Day." You are not defined by your past. You are not a sum of your circumstances. Every day is a new day you stand with hope in your future.

"One Life Matters" We can change the world one life at a time and change eternity one heart at a time.                  

Our Ministry is to:

  • Pursue those who are trapped in sex exploitation/trafficking, addictions and homelessness. First, we show they matter, then we can offer a path of hope rooted in Jesus Christ. 
  • Provide resources, placement, and long-term support for those broken and hurtling and ready to change their course in life.
  • Proactively Prevent the next generation becoming victims. 


  • Build Sunrise Cafe(s): A work program for those coming out of trafficking, incarceration, and addictions.
  • Open Sunrise Ridge: A place for women and children to live safe and begin a new life away from trafficking and abuse.
  • Develop a network of Safe Places: For teens to hang out who are at risk of becoming the next victims.

"It is with great excitement we announce teaming up with Krista Fields 'The Reel Agent' and the B.A.S.S. wives in their "Hear See Say" campaign. Together we can give a voice to those who have no voice, eyes to those are overlooked and the chance to free those in bondage. I speak for all of our team at Sunrise; we are excited, honored and thankful."  ~ Kim McDevitt, President, Sunrise Ministries. 

Use hashtag #HearSeeSay to help promote the cause. T-shirt and decal sales will begin in a few weeks.

To get involved please check out the Facebook page or contact Krista Fields.