Pros picks: Delta doozies

Even though the 2015 Elite Series is currently in California, it had a vibe of the Delaware River when talking with anglers.

Home field advantage doesn’t always pan out when it comes to the best of the best, but here it could play a huge role thanks to one factor…the tide.

Judging the tide will be another task anglers will have on their plates, as well as making a significant run to their fishing areas.

With the limited time fishing, anglers will still need heavy weights if they expect to be in contention this week on the California Delta.

Some pros took the time to break down their picks this week:

Randall Tharp
• "Skeet Reese, Chris Zaldain, Brent Ehrler and Brett Hite will be some of the local anglers that will be tough to beat this week. Not only does every other pro have just two days to figure out this vast fishery, but figuring out the tides is the toughest part. Many people don’t think locals will do well here, but I don’t agree with that because they know how to judge when to make a move depending on the tide and timing."

Jason Christie
• "This should totally be a local deal. They might not be leading after Day 1 if 30 pounds is on top, but they certainly won't be far off that mark."
• "I love flipping cover and fishing shallow and this place still intimidates me. There are so many variables that will play a factor in this one event. Probably more than any other tournament that I’ve fished in."

Timmy Horton
• "Skeet Reese, Ish Monroe, Brent Ehrler and Jared Lintner are four anglers that I think of off the top of my head. The timing this week will be important and judging the tides and what areas they should move to will be crucial."
• "You can catch fish doing so many things here that it could be scary how anglers are attacking similar areas."

Kelly Jordon
• "With such a short time to practice it’s tough to break down the fishery. That is why Delta knowledge will be key."
• "Windows are small for the power fishermen because you have to make a long run and get into an area, if you try to run around to different spots it will hurt you. Those guys who are confident fish are in their area and they can hunker down and fish it thoroughly should catch them pretty good."

Josh Bertrand
• "Cliff Pirch and Justin Lucas are my roommates and they should do well this week."
• "Pirch has done well here before and Lucas grew up in this area. They certainly know what adjustments to make."
• "John Murray should do well because he understands the system and has had plenty of time here in the past."

Paul Mueller
• "Locals definitely have an advantage because if you fish in some areas for too long in practice, then your whole day is gone and you feel like you didn’t accomplish anything."
• "They have a certain insight that helps with decision-making that you need on these tidal fisheries. There will be some guys who make a gamble on Day 1 and will sack them up, but others will bomb. I’m just not ready to take a huge gamble on the first day."