Personal best

ZAPATA, Texas -- Elite Series pro Alton Jones is currently fishing Falcon Lake with some pals. He was throwing a Citrus Shad Bomber Fat Free Shad this morning when a 12-4 behemoth struck. Jones has frequented the south Texas reservoir in search of a giant to top his personal best of 12-0.

"When it hit, I thought it was a double-digit fish, and I thought it might be an 11-pounder when it rolled," he said from the shores of Falcon. "But when I pulled it over the side, I knew it was my personal best. Ever since I've had my blog on, I've been after my personal best, and now I've got it."

Jones described the spot he caught it as textbook. His boat was in 25 feet of water, and he was able to drag the Fat Free Shad along in 12 feet and pull it out into deeper water. As soon as it cleared the drop, the fish nailed it. The group he's with caught 108 bass Tuesday and have sacked up 54 this morning.

"I can't describe how good this place is when it's really good," he said. "I want to thank the Lord for giving me that fish and allowing me to make my single most productive cast ever. However, I've renewed my quest for a personal best, it's just a little higher now."

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