One Knocker returns

The One Knocker is back.

Well, not exactly. Not the original Cordell Spot "knocker" that hard-core fishermen cherished before it was discontinued a few years ago. This one is a 21st-century version that appears to be producing the same — if not better — results.

Like its predecessor, the Xcalibur XrK75 (also known as the One Knocker) is a lipless crankbait containing one large, round tungsten "rattle" instead of the numerous BBs found in most lipless lures. The One Knocker emits more of a dull, thudding sound as it wobbles through the water, a sound that some anglers believe calls in bigger fish.

The lure proved its worth in late winter at Lake Amistad when pro Alton Jones introduced it to a handful of BASS writers on the red-hot Texas reservoir. The One Knocker produced the biggest bass each day and had all of the writers clamoring for more.

What makes it special? PRADCO, parent company of Xcalibur, has embedded a tungsten ball (instead of the traditional lead) inside the lipless lure body. And because tungsten is lighter than lead, the 3/4-ounce One Knocker has the same body size as most 1/2-ounce lipless baits.

Another advantage to the Tungsten ball, according to Xcalibur officials, is that it's more durable, so it doesn't flatten like lead and it retains its sound over time.

The One Knocker is Jones' choice when the water is cold during the prespawn and late fall seasons.

"That doesn't mean I won't use the One Knocker during the summer. But it's my first choice when water is cold," Jones explained. "It's also my choice after I have a limit and am looking for that really big bite."

The One Knocker is offered in six colors with three-dimensional red eyes, flared gill plates and an intricate, detailed finish. It is dressed with Xcalibur Tx3 treble hooks.


Suggested retail of the One Knocker is $9.99.

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