Meet the Toyota pros


The four Toyota pros need no introduction. We know who they are by their nicknames alone: Big Show, G Man, KVD and Ike. They were on the dock at Bass Pro Shops' Long Creek Marina during take-off for the Toyota Owners Tournament at Table Rock.

One of the biggest perks for anglers who compete in the annual Toyota Trucks Bonus Bucks Owners Tournament is the opportunity to meet Toyota pros Michael Iaconelli, Terry Scroggins, Gerald Swindle and Kevin VanDam. These bass superstars take time to chat with virtually every angler who registers the night before the tournament.

The pros also make themselves available during the complementary dinner that follows registration. On tournament morning, they are on the dock to greet every team that passes through boat inspection just prior to take-off.

The take-off for the 2018 Toyota Owners Tournament took place at Bass Pro Shops Long Creek Marina on Table Rock Lake. The rising sun lit up the wooded hills that surround the lake in spectacular autumn colors.

High-fives between the teams and the pros were common as the boats passed though inspection. Many anglers snapped photos and took videos of the pros along the way.

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