Marshal Memories: Ride of a lifetime

By Glen Holt

Have you ever been behind the wheel of KVD's boat as he backed you down the ramp? Have you ever been sitting in his boat, in the dark, while he breaks down what he'll be doing during the Classic? What about standing up on the back deck while he works his famous jerkbait in trophy-infested waters in Texas? What about witnessing the "Ultimate Cerebral Assassin" catch a game-changing 6-pounder in front of another competitor on Day 2 of the Classic?

I have witnessed all of these awesome events for one reason: I signed up to be a Bassmaster Marshal. 

Have you ever watched bass after bass explode on Jason Christie's prototype buzz frog in the hay grass on Rayburn? Ever witnessed Casey Ashley fine-tune a jig bite and smash 20 pounds in an area you've fished dozens of times? What about a one-on-one seminar on shakey head fishing with Gary Klein? Would you like to sit there during a fog delay and pick the brain of the 2017 AOY Champion Brandon Palaniuk about fishing, movies and music? What about watching Matt Herron put on a flipping clinic with a tube on Day 1 of the Classic?

All of these examples are not just examples; they're real life experiences that I've had as a Marshal. None of them would be etched in my memory if I hadn't signed up.

All this up close and personal action is great, but one of the main reasons I love being a Marshal is the personal, behind-the-scenes information you receive. You get to be in the boat with these guys all day, listening to them strategize, talk about family, work, favorite baits, etc. These guys are not just characters from our favorite reality show; they're real and their emotions are real just like yours and mine.

This is why I love being a Marshal, and you too can experience these things if you do the same thing I've done several times already and will do again this year: Sign up to be a Bassmaster Marshal. It's a ride of a lifetime.

Sign up to be a 2018 Bassmaster Marshal.

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