Louisiana Crane lifts Goldbeck

Elite Series angler Grant Goldbeck has found a unique niche in the world of fishing sponsorships. His longtime primary sponsor, Knighten Industries, seems a fringe fit for a fisherman, seeing the company builds and develops pump systems primarily for the oil and gas industry. But it has been an absolute success. Goldbeck recently signed another major player in the oilfield, Louisiana Crane & Construction, which solidifies his position in a market many overlooked.

“The Knighten Industries sponsorship, as different as it seems, is a perfect fit for both myself and the company. It seems everyone in the oilfield is a bass angler. And it’s neat to be able to take Knighten clients out on the lake fishing and then walk into a meeting room and further develop that relationship by figuring out how to work together in the oilfield,” Goldbeck explains.

His new Louisiana Crane & Construction sponsorship strengthens his unique position in the oilfield, and seems a perfect fit with his Knighten relationship.

“Louisiana Crane and Knighten have the opportunity to not only do a lot of work together, but also to create a very strong network within the oilfield that will strengthen both companies. I’m proud to be a partner with these guys and am very excited that bass fishing helps gel these relationships together,” Goldbeck said.

“Because there are so many avid bass anglers within our industry, most guys are familiar with the Bassmaster Elite Series. So it’s a pretty big deal to be able to walk into a board room with Grant Goldbeck, one of the best anglers in the country. And Grant is such a great people person, he will be able to do awesome PR work for us, and get national exposure for the company,” said Richard Bacon, General Manager of Louisiana Crane & Construction.

“Teaming up with both Grant and Knighten Industries is a way for all of us to grow our companies. And the icing on the cake is that we get to bass fish along the way!” Bacon said.