Logan moving forward

If you’ll recall back to mid-April, Executive Editor of Bassmaster publications Bryan Brasher wrote a piece about Bassmaster Elite Series rookie Wes Logan, and how he had to put his dreams on hold during the coronavirus situation.

To catch up, read it here.

In that story, the 25-year-old pro — soon to be 26 — from Springville, Ala., talked about how his first year as an Elite had been a bit of an emotional roller coaster. He had to put everything on hold, and take up some carpentry work with his uncles during the downtime to make ends meet. 

“You do what you have to do, but my mind was always on fishing,” he said. “It’s one thing to fun fish around the house, but it’s another completely to compete for money. Whether it’s $100 or $100,000, your mindset is different. It’s important to stay sharp.”

As the season re-opened Wednesday at the 2020 DEWALT Bassmaster Elite at Lake Eufaula, Logan knew getting the momentum rolling in his favor again was the first step. 

“If we were to have fished this lake earlier in the year, like originally scheduled, I would have come with a different mindset. I would have come to win because that would have fit my style perfectly,” he said. “But a summer tournament at Eufaula is vastly different. I came to survive, and thankfully I made the Top 40 cut and will go home with a check. I’ll take that.

“Sure, we all want to win, but I’m realistic in my expectations and I know making cuts gets me paid, and hopefully earns a Classic berth in the process. I’m just glad to be back on the road doing what I love.”

While he’s been quite eager to get the ball rolling again, he admitted to being nervous about the annual Northern Swing, which includes Cayuga Lake, St. Lawrence River and Lake Champlain, all in New York in succession, then at St. Clair in Detroit before returning to the South in the fall. 

“I’m not scared of those lakes, but I’m nervous because I have almost zero experience up there,” he continued. “I fished Champlain last year, and I didn’t do too well. But I’m looking forward to improving this time around. Heavy current, like what’s at the St. Lawrence is what I’m really unsure of. I know they say big smallies are willing to bite about anywhere you go, but it’s going to challenge me. My goal throughout the Northern Swing is to not bomb out of any of the events.”

According to Logan, a “bomb” qualifies as placing in the mid 50s or lower.

“I don’t want to fish with the goal to only survive. I’m a competitor, and I want to win,” he said. “But to make it through my rookie season and beyond, I need to stay consistent. In the end, that’s my goal, to stay competitive at every event. 

“So far, the season has been good to me, and I’m moving forward. But that’s not going to be enough. I want to win, and even with unfamiliar fisheries on the schedule, I still believe it’s possible. But putting the momentum in my favor and being smart every single day of practice and making good decisions during tournament days will certainly help me move forward.”

With a 32nd-place finish at the season opener on St. Johns River, and a Top 40 only three short months later at the second Elite Series stop, I’d say Logan is already fulfilling his own objectives. And a stable way of thinking is an indication that he’s wise beyond his years.