Lake Murray Day Two quotes

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Anglers talked "what ifs" after Day Two of the 2011 Evan Williams Bourbon Carolina Clash on Lake Murray.

“I just needed one more day.”
— Travis Manson

“What can you say? I just didn’t get the bites.”
— Steve Kennedy

“I’m ready to go somewhere where you can’t see the bottom.”
— Matt Herren

“If we would have weighed in at 10 o’clock today, it would have
been fine with me. I’ve been carrying around those same small fish since this morning.”
— Mark Davis

“Chasing these herring fish is killing me here.”
— Skeet Reese

“I’ve pretty much shot my season.”
— Skeet Reese

“Off to the next one.”
— Dave Wolak

“This lake kind of got me.”
— Gary Klein

“This whole week's been like an ugly blind date ... it's a good
thing it ended early.”
— Denny Brauer after missing the cut